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We are an excellent ally in the development and implementation of the organization's environmental processes, we understand that environmental compliance is a determining factor for the development of the activities of our allies and clients, and that is why we have a trained and committed team.

We are able to:

  • Diagnose the organization's environmental management

  • Structure and deploy the organization's environmental policy

  • Formulate schemes, plans or environmental impact studies of the organization

  • Manage environmental permits in accordance with current legal requirements.

  • Implementation and monitoring of environmental management programs

  • Formulate and implement environmental education programs

  • Formulate and implement strategies for integrated waste management

  • Environmental monitoring within the framework of environmental management plans, environmental licenses and environmental certifications

  • Design and implement strategies for legal environmental compliance

  • Comprehensive Environmental Audit

  • Actions and training strategies in sustainability standards

  • Implementation and comprehensive support of environmental and socio-environmental certifications

  • Develop and implement environmental education strategies pedagogy and andragogy

  • Support in the implementation of certifications Forest Stewarship Council FSC®, Rainforest Alliance RA, Global GAP, UTZ, Global Compact, among others

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