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We understand the importance of generating and energizing spaces for integration and dialogue, conflict resolution, local development and collective construction by the communities, local authorities and other interest groups for our allies.

We are able to:

  • Accompany the structuring and deployment of the social policy of your organization

  • Identify and evaluate the socio-political risks for the operation of your organization

  • Facilitate the approach of your organization with local authorities, environmental, communities and organized civil society

  • Design and execute the socioeconomic or sociocultural characterization of neighboring communities of interest or neighbors to the operation of your organization

  • Support the identification and management of expectations of neighbors, communities and authorities of interest to the organization

  • Evaluate, identify and adequately manage the social and environmental impacts of the operation and activities of your organization

  • Structure and implement strategies to mitigate social impacts derived from the operation of your organization

  • Structuring and development of integration activities with neighbors and communities of interest to the organization

  • Structure and manage social impact studies

  • Structure and manage corporate volunteer programs and activities in favor of the territories of interest

  • Organization and execution of socio-academic events of interest to the organization in the framework of its intervention in the territories

  • Train their neighbors and communities in matters of interest to the organization, under playful and participatory methodologies

  • Design and manage conflict resolution mechanisms and SPQRF lines

  • Design and manage communication mechanisms with its neighboring communities and other actors in the territory

  • Implementation and comprehensive support of social and socio-environmental certifications (social component)

  • Design and production of graphic and audio-visual pieces with scope to social actions and policies.

  • Development of Communication Strategies: design and production of graphic and audio visual pieces

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